Western Wedding Theme Ideas



A wedding ceremony that has a cowboys and Indians, an old time western theme with horses and the whole works could be a lot of fun. In the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, you can choose from many great themes including the very popular western theme.


These days, people find themselves being much more cost effective than before, so it is only normal for young couples planning weddings to take cheaper routes. While people don't realize, one of the most important parts of the wedding that reflects upon all parties, the guests and the hosts, are the favors. Personable favors strike a warm chord among guests and creates a feeling of togetherness that makes them feel apart of the wedding, rather than just being a spectator.


A reason to consider a custom handmade golf ball as a wedding favor is its compact size. It's light and relatively small (only 1.6 inches wide). Because it's so compact, it's easy to box it as a wedding favor, and it would easily fit into pre-designed wedding favor boxes for easy wrapping.